Thursday, August 13, 2020

Quick moving, photo-snapping tourists

  By Chuck Woodbury A lot of vacationers and other travelers move fast, not stopping to see much, or if they do slow down they don't...

Chipmunk Wars: Man battles rodents, rodents win!

By Chuck Woodbury WRITTEN IN 1987 Note: Before I became politically correct and nature-smart, I fed wild animals. I fed bears as a kid in Yellowstone....

Weird superstitions about death and dying

Here are a few superstitions about death and dying that I learned about from a pamphlet at the Missoula Cemetery. PASSING A CEMETERY: Hold...

The most famous RVer of all time

I'd like to tell you a brief story about the most famous American to travel by RV. Yet most people never knew he did....

Incredible! Don’t stay at this motel or you will be beaten!

By Chuck Woodbury Here is yet another reason to avoid motels and hotels in favor of your RV. Not only can you sleep in your...

The town that drowned

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwestern Wyoming is known for its beauty and great fishing. But unknown to many visitors is that...

Mac and cheese and guilt

I wonder if some nights around dinner time if Bill Gates chooses to cook a package of macaroni and cheese. Does he, with all...

My very own missile silo!

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Two Titan II missile silos are for sale, both in Arizona – one in Oracle and one in Benson. They are...

Don’t call me Pal

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL Calm down, Chuck, just calm down! That is what I am telling myself at this very moment. The reason is because...

Golf club man and a “cow” motorhome

  At the popular tourist attraction Hole in the Rock near Moab, Utah, keep your eyes open for this golfer — made almost entirely...

Hilarious small town crime reports

By Chuck Woodbury ROADSIDE JOURNAL When I was a roving reporter, back in the days when an issue of a small town weekly newspaper was 25...

Celebrating nearly 30 years of RVing. What’s next?

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in March, 2010 I'm 62 years old. Some people think I'm 100. The reason is that I was in my...

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