Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Nifty do-it-yourself bike rack saves money

By Jim Twamley No need to spend wads of cash for a commercial bike rack for your rig. My friend Ed Grabman used a little...
sewer seal

Stinky sewer dump? Try this to seal the smell away!

By Nanci Dixon In the heat of Arizona summers, the sewer dump connection at our campsite had warped enough that our sewer hose elbow fitting...
Tangled charging wires

Cables in a tangle? Use this quick tip to tame them

By Nanci Dixon The multitude of thin power and charging cords for phones, tablets and computers need to be accessible, of course, but they can...
Roadside America

RV App Reviews: Roadside America – Don’t miss a thing!

By Tony Barthel Have you ever come home from a journey and told friends about your prior destination and they then turned around and asked...

RV App Reviews: U.S. Public Lands – Find them easily!

By Tony Barthel If you’re looking to stay in places without paying site fees, get out your solar system and fill your fresh tanks and...
SeaSucker Vacuum Mount

A way to mount holiday decorations that doesn’t suck…or does it?

By Tony Barthel As the holidays approach, RVers want to decorate as much as everybody else – but putting nails in the side of an...
Envo Electric Snow Bike

Snow bike kit expands e-bike function – Fun and practical!

By Tony Barthel With electric bicycles becoming ever more popular with RVers it was only a matter of time before someone sat around in winter,...

Video: 2021 Airstream Interstate GT Feature Review – Part 1

By Andy Pargh Exterior connections and storage This is Part One of what I hope to be a multi-part series on getting to know the Airstream...
Sylvan Waylight light-up walking stick

Gadget Review: A neat trekking pole that helps light your way

By Tony Barthel When a manufacturer actually goes camping you can tell. For example, SylvanSport sent me their WayLight™ Multi-Functional Camping LED Light and Trekking...

RV gadget review: Lippert Jack-It® Double Bike Carrier

By Tony Barthel A lot of us want to bring bicycles with us on our RV travels but the trouble is ... where do you...

See a gadget you want to buy? Just take a photo, then order it

By Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.comOne of the favorite sessions at many RV rallies is the show-and-tell. Fellow RVers bring out their favorite gadgets to share....
Kids sewing machine

Miss your sewing machine? This one was practically made for an RV!

By Nanci Dixon When we became full-time RVers we got rid of a five-bedroom house and 40 years' worth of stuff. Lots and lots of...

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