Friday, April 3, 2020
watching TV at a sports bar, listen with Tunity

Listen to TV thru your smartphone with Tunity

By Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour When we're traveling during football season we enjoy finding a sports bar with multiple TVs so we can watch...

Indiana company debuts new Euro-style RV cabinetry

PRESS RELEASE Elkhart, IN, Nov. 18, 2019 — Genesis Products, Inc., a leader in RV laminated panels and components, has crafted its RV cabinet door product...

RV SnapPad debuts new, smaller pads

FROM A NEWS RELEASE Origen RV Accessories, parent company to RV SnapPad, has released its new product line, the SnapPad Mini. The new Mini collection features...
Roadtrek in a driveway

Let friends know when you’ll get there – using Google Maps

There were several times during our RV travels this year when we made arrangements to meet up with friends. You know the drill, we...

RV-themed must-have gifts for the home or RV

Here are ten items we know the RV-lover and RV-decorator will adore. Happy Holidays from your friends at RVtravel.com. 1. This adorable camp-stove ornament. 2. This lovely...

How do you force Google Maps to go the way you want?

Google Maps is navigating and telling you to go one way but you want to go a different way. What do you do? For one...

The weirdest RV you have ever seen. And it’s for sale

This is weird. This is one of the weirdest RVs ever — that's what the staff of RVtravel.com thinks. Okay, here's the scoop. It's a...

Avoid hitting low obstacles with avoidance system

One of the most feared circumstances some RVers face is hitting a low bridge, roof or other obstacle. Visit YouTube and search for videos...

Your navigation system should tell you more than just “Turn right here”

I've been known to tell people that Google Maps is better than Waze because Google Maps gives me much more detail when the voice...

Most RVers report this rodent repellent works

By Bob Difley Keeping mice out of rigs is a constant challenge to many RVers. Since we camp out in the wilder areas where wildlife...

Four tips for conserving phone battery when you’re off-grid

When you travel in remote areas, you likely will not have cell service, and you may not have electricity. If using your devices and...

New coupler lock keeps your travel/utility trailer safe from crooks

By Russ and Tiña De Maris In recent weeks, we've seen reports of several travel trailer thefts. Typically, the owner parks his rig at a...

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