Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Keep your sewer hose sloping (or yuck!)

Experienced RVers know that there is a delicate art to hooking up a sewer hose. The hooking up isn't so difficult, but if you...

Fold-out ladder rack holds chairs and bikes

If you are like most RVers, you quickly run out of locker space to store all your toys, I mean accessories. The Clamp-N-Carry Chair...

Motion-proof putty keeps stuff in place while traveling

It's logical that in a moving recreation vehicle table lamps, bookends, and other free-standing items either need to be attached to something (like a...

Block hot summer sun with sunblocker side system

Don't put up with the heat and glare of early morning or late afternoon sun coming in under the sides of your awning. The...

Protect, charge RV batteries with new solar battery box

By Bob Difley The PowerArmor is a high quality locking aluminum battery box. Developed specifically to prevent increasingly common and expensive battery theft and related...

Using your RV generator in tight quarters? You need this!

It’s critical while camped in tight quarters — for example at a rally or tailgate party — that you do not send your generator’s...

Essential tool aids escape from vehicle in accident

After a bad car accident a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones. Many people...

Get rid of splattered bugs with Love Bug Eraser

There is probably not a single RVer who has not experienced pulling into a campsite after a day's drive to discover a mass of...

Dyson handheld vacuum: easily stored, perfect for RVers

By Eric Brotman RVtravel.com At least one portable, efficient and lightweight vacuum cleaner is popular among RVers, and others, around the world. Look at the packaging...

Traveling to Canada? Here’s how to get Internet connected

By Greg Illes When we began planning our Canada-Alaska trip, we knew we'd need to have Internet now and then — checking emails, paying occasional...

Cell phone signal sketchy? Wait for sunset

By Dave Helgeson Are you a baby boomer? Do you remember the Bell Telephone television commercial about Uncle Ralph calling long distance from California and...

Portable generator is perfect for RVing

Quiet, compact, and lightweight, the Powerhouse 2000Wi inverter generator provides clean, portable power that's perfect for campground, tailgate party or any outdoor activity where you...

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