Saturday, September 26, 2020

If you became suddenly filthy rich, would you buy a new high-end RV?

Okay, let's say you played a dollar ticket on the lottery. Instead of blowing a dollar like usually happens, this time you win a...

Meet your fellow RVtravel.com readers, September 26, 2020

We asked RVtravel.com readers to tell us about themselves. Here are a few responses. From Marie Dalzell. My husband, Steve, and I live in NH...

Have you ever done any damage to your RV while backing up?

Backing up is not always easy with an RV, whether a big ol' motorhome or a towable rig. How many of us have been...
Mark Swanson and son Shane

Wheelchair-bound family finds joy in RVing

By Nanci Dixon I met fellow RVers Mark Swanson and his son, Shane, at the campground earlier this week. Both Dad and Shane are wheelchair-bound,...

Hey, you ought to write a book

By Chris Guld, Geeks on TourHow many people have told you that you ought to write a book? After all, you have...

This may look like an RV, but it’s far from it!

So what is this? No, it's not an RV. And, no it's not a boat! It's a truck, a big truck, the kind you see...

Do you bring bicycles with you on your RV trips?

Bikes are a great form of exercise, and they're usually pretty popular with RVers. It's fun to plan trips around which campgrounds or RV...

Instant Pot Cookin’: Super-Yummy Meatballs

By Nanci Dixon These super-yummy meatballs are easy and quick to make in the Instant Pot™. I have been keeping the Instant Pot on the RV...
RV Extended Warranty - worth it?

RV Warranty Questions: Should I buy an extended warranty for my RV?

By Tony Barthel Should you buy an extended warranty? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions and something, again, for which there isn’t just...

If you don’t like the view out your window … move

Note: This post is not meant to disparage anyone on how or where they camp, but to inspire everyone not to accept mediocre and...

How often do you purchase something online?

It's hard to not purchase something online these days, isn't it? And chances are, if you weren't an online shopper before the pandemic hit, you...

Happier full-time RV living with your partner

By Ray Burr, loveyourrv.com Thinking about full-time RVing with your significant other? If not full-timing, how about extended RVing? Anne and I have been together...

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