Friday, August 14, 2020

Couple disagree on what’s important to haul in RV

Dear RV Shrink: I have a weight problem. My husband says my embroidery machine is too heavy to carry with us in the 5th...

Buying your pet’s medicine online? Be careful!

  As RVers, we're often away from home and in spots where we don't know where the nearest veterinarian or pet supply store is. According...

Hotel Walmart: Living in a parking lot

This is a fascinating look at the homeless who live in a car, van or RV in a Walmart parking lot. It profiles RVers...

Trust issue when fueling up

Dear RV Shrink: I have a problem with trust. I trust my wife, I trust my dog, but I can't bring myself to trust...

Are you active socially in an RV club?

Are you a member of an RV club, and if so are you active socially in a local or special interest chapter? The most...

More venues for great outdoor photography

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When you're home from your RV adventures, there's nothing like looking back and pondering your travels with pleasure....
Astronomy for RVers

Let the stars be your road map – Part 1

Astronomy for RVers By Chris Fellows, Serenity Mobile Observatory One of the most common questions I am asked while people look through the telescope is “How...

Travel planning with one app? Not possible

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com We spend the majority of our life traveling, mostly by RV. I’m starting my plan for 2018 now, yet I’m still...

Is your tow vehicle or motorized RV fueled by gas or diesel?

What powers your tow vehicle or motorized RV, a diesel or gas engine? Please feel free to leave a comment.

RVer Horoscopes for October 2017

BY SWAMI HAL Swami Hal is a retired psychic who travels full-time in a 37-foot Pace Arrow motorhome with his considerably younger, full-figured German...

Car alarms – sometimes unnecessary noise pollution

Dear RV Shrink: As many campers have expressed recently, we, too, find generators annoying and always opt for generator-free campground loops when available. Our...

An RVer’s guide to gearing up for astronomy

By Chris Fellows In my travels I have been amazed by two juxtaposed facts. One, people love looking at the stars/moon/planets with their own...

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