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Save thousands on RV refrigerator replacement

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Of all of the things that can break in your RV, one of the most expensive issues you'll face...

RV websites we like for April 16, 2016

Here are a half dozen of websites we believe will be of interest to the readers of RVtravel.com. Be sure to return every week...

Is heading south of the border for medical care wise?

Dear RV Shrink: I want to cross the border into Mexico to have an eye exam and maybe see a dentist. My wife thinks I...

RV Travel Reader RVs, April 16, 2016

Send a photo of your RV and a 150 to 200 word description of it, how and where you use it, and what you...

RVing and volunteering: ‘What a life!’

Many RVers take to the road when retirement takes them out of their daily beat. Some just travel to see the countryside; others may...

Hubby fine until he panics at wheel. Wife gets blame

Dear RV Shrink: My husband and I get along just fine while traveling, until he panics. When he becomes lost or confused as to...

Don’t you get lonely traveling with an RV?

By Greg Illes RVtravel.com contributing writer One of the most-asked questions from my non-RV friends is, "Isn't it awful lonely traveling around in a motorhome?" It's...

RVing is more than just a hobby

By Jim Twamley Most RVers I meet are enthusiastic about RVing. We come from all walks of life and have one thing in common... we...

How to help children enjoy RVing

By Jim Twamley Do kids really enjoy RVing? While having a haircut last week the topic of RVing came up. My barber was a young...

How fast can you get your RV ‘ready to go?’

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, RVtravel.com Every few years, it seems, America experiences a catastrophic natural disaster. The "Big Four" over the past couple of decades have...

RV park owners say: ‘Wal-Mart campers are cheapskates’

By Chuck Woodbury editor, RVtravel.com Originally published in July, 2011  My original essay back in 2011 sparked more than 100 comments from readers. The idea was this: Why...

Easily turn your photos and slides into digital images

By Chuck Woodbury Editor, RVtravel.com Before the digital age of photography, we used film. Oh, how things have changed! If you're like me, you have countless...

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