Sunday, November 29, 2020

Mexican border crossing basics

By Rene Agredano Visit any of the popular RVing discussion forums like Mexico Forums and you'll find that Mexico is still a popular destination for adventurous RVers....

Beware of dangers lurking in re-frozen food

By Bob Difley To be sure your refrigerator's freezer is working properly, put an ice cube in a small cup in the freezer and look...

A Benchmark Atlas may change your view of the road

by Greg Illes The Benchmark series of atlases have long been favorites with wanderers, and with good reason. Covering the 11 western states, these tabloid-sized...

Are propane tank “trade ins” worth it?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris   You see them nearly everywhere: Propane cylinder trade-in kiosks. Bring in your empty and trade it in for a...

Meals almost fix themselves using tin foil on the barbee

By Russ and Tiña De Maris   While traveling does bring out quite an appetite, once you land in camp at the end of the day,...

Ripped off by shady RV dealers — What can be done?

Dear RV Shrink: We were trapped at an RV dealership in New Mexico for two weeks because it was a cold winter and our heater...

What to do about conflicting sleep schedules in “small” RV?

Dear RV Shrink: We live nine months of the year in a Class “C” motorhome. It is usually 27 feet of heaven. The only time...

Stretch your camping dollars with caretaking

By Bob Difley   Caretaking takes many forms, from simply camping at a remote location to deter theft or vandalism, to staying on someone else’s property...

Husband thinks wife expects too much from campground host

Dear RV Shrink: My wife and I just had a big argument because I told her she was short with the campground host. We came...

Send and receive faxes while traveling

By Chris Guld www.GeeksOnTour.TV   RVers use the Internet for everything else, why not faxing?  Even if you do travel with an all-in-one printer/fax machine, most of...

Too many extras equals too many problems

Dear RV Shrink: When my wife and I bought our motorhome the salesman was our best friend — now he doesn’t even know our name. Our...

Don’t be suckered in by RV resort advertising

By Jim Twamley   It was late in the day and we had been driving since morning. We were looking for a place to spend the...

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