Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Motorhome burns up. See the horrible results

The following was posted on the Facebook group RV Crashes and Disasters, where RVers point out RV incidents and accidents as a reminder to...

Ya wanna camp next to a guy playing drums outside his RV?

The RV Industry Association has launched a new advertising campaign called GORV! It's aimed at younger RVers, as you will see if you watch...
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Have you named your RV?

We came across a poll recently where the question was "Have you named your car?" The results surprised us — more than nine out...

RV Education 101: RV black water holding tank tips

By Mark Polk RV EDUCATION 101® One thing lots of RV owners do not do is add enough water to the black water holding tank after...
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If a genie granted you instant weight loss, how much would you ask to...

If we had to guess, we'd guess that most people, if given three wishes from a genie, would use one wish to have some...

Don’t forget the important stuff before departing campsite

By Greg Illes Ready to go? Let's go! Anything missing? Nah. (Famous last words!) If you're a quart low on oil, or you forgot that coffee...
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RV Shrink: Buying a rental RV – Good idea?

Dear RV Shrink: We are in the market for our first RV. My husband thinks we should buy a used rental Class C motorhome. I...
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Did you ever smoke cigarettes?

Do you ever smoke cigarettes, or did you in the past? In 2018, it was estimated that 13.7% of U.S. adults were current cigarette...
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If your boat sank, how far could you swim to shore?

Right, right, we're RVers, not boaters, but we're just curious. If you were out on a boat (any kind of boat, we don't discriminate...
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If someone offered you top dollar for your RV, would you sell it?

Let's say an honest-looking guy walks by where you keep your RV – in your driveway, for example – and he looks at it...

If you could tell someone new to RVing one thing, what would it be?

Say your close friend was buying their first RV. They had never owned one before. If you were standing next to them having a...

Why your first RV? You’ve told us – Part 1

Edited by Russ and Tiña De Maris A couple of weeks ago we asked you why you bought your first RV. Your responses flooded our...

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