Friday, February 21, 2020

Readers tell us: Have you ever replaced any of the furniture in your RV?

By Emily Woodbury When we asked this question in last week's Thursday edition of the RV Daily Tips Newsletter, we were asking about the big...
RV Shrink

RV buying – Why you should shop ’til you drop

RV Shrink Dear RV Shrink: We have a dilemma that I am sure many people would love to have. We want to buy some type of...

RV Travel Quiz Issue 901

Today's quiz subject: Plastic Bottles This quiz has ended. Look for the winner in next week's issue of the RV Travel Newsletter. Today's Prize! Win this vintage...

RVer Safety: Mountains, flat tires and rest stops

By Mike Sherman Being flexible is a part of RVing. We set out on our journey with plenty of fuel, food, first aid kit, water...

Amazing RV folds up, squeezes into van on the road

By Chuck Woodbury Every week we come across another spectacular example of innovation in the RV world. This "camping house" is among the most unique...

Would you pay $17 for a bundle of campfire wood?

By Chuck Woodbury This is a firewood vending machine at McKinney Falls State Park in Texas. We found the photo at the Facebook group Texas...

Are you affected by altitude sickness?

Do you feel a little lightheaded or even sick as you drive up a high mountain pass? Symptoms tend to occur within hours after arrival...

I want to live on vacation

By Charlie Ketchum I saw this image on my Facebook feed, and it immediately triggered a slew of thoughts. Hopefully, they are worthy of being...

This RV has its very own fire truck

This RV comes with its own fire truck. Or, I guess to be more accurate we'd have to say the fire truck comes with...

What we learned about you last week (June 29 – July 5)

By Emily Woodbury Happy 5th of July (probably 6th by the time you read this)! I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th....

RV Travel Reader RVs, May 13, 2017

  Send a photo of your RV and a 150- to 200-word description of it, how and where you use it, and what you like...

Live Stream your vacation with your Facebook Friends

By Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.comHave you tried Facebook’s new Live Streaming feature yet? It is so incredibly easy! Instead of just posting a photo of...

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