Monday, August 10, 2020

Get a “bumper crop” from your RV garden!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Back in the "early days" of RVing, folks who had "house cars" really did a lot of roughing it....

A Chromebook may be your best travel laptop

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com When we traveled for a month thru Italy and Croatia last summer, the only computer I took with me was a...

Desert wildflowers are already beginning to bloom

By Bob Difley Spring is a snowbird's delight – not only does the cold give way to the warmer weather, the desert itself changes "color."...

What we learned about you last week (the last week of Feb.)

By Chuck Woodbury In a week’s time, we ask our readers about a half dozen questions about themselves through our RV Travel Reader Polls....

Come on, keep it clean out there when camping

By Dave and Lillian Brummet Admit it. When the sun is out and you are at your favorite campsite on the lake the last...

What’s the fairest checkout time at an RV park?

Most RV parks ask you leave by 11 a.m, a few even 10 a.m. Occasionally you'll come across an RV park that lets you...

Astronomy for RVers: Catch a shooting star

By Chris Fellows, Serenity Mobile Observatory Let's watch a meteor shower One of the most thrilling events in the night sky is spotting a shooting...

National Parks podcast to debut next week

A new narrative-style podcast will launch March 6 that will feature more than 400 of America’s National Park Service units, telling the stories behind...

What we learned about you last week

In a week’s time, we ask our readers about a half dozen questions about themselves through our RV Travel Reader Polls. Most questions are...

If you were offered a great price today for your RV would you sell...

What if someone you know and trust offered you a great price for your RV? Would you take it? Or do you enjoy it...

Hubby solved noisy LP detector by disconnecting it – Bad idea!

Dear RV Shrink: We live six months at a time in a 35-foot fifth wheel. Recently our propane detector started acting weird so my...

Make your travel photos go from so-so to stunning

by Chris Guld, GeeksOnTour.com Do you go to beautiful places and take pictures that don't do the place justice? I am often disappointed when I...

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