Monday, July 13, 2020

Reader’s Recipe: Linda’s Healthy Nut Bars

By Emily Woodbury Being an avid hiker, I'm always on the lookout for tasty, healthy snack options to get me up those big climbs. I...

RVing to the stars – McDonald Observatory, West Texas

By Chris Fellows, Serenity Mobile Observatory RVing to the stars – Visiting an astronomical destination: McDonald Observatory I am starting another recurring theme with this article,...

Do you keep your gray tank open or closed when hooked up?

When you have full hookups, do you normally leave the valve to your gray water holding tank (sink and shower water) open? Or do...

Would you pay $70 to enter a National Park?

The National Park Service is proposing to raise entry fees to $70 in some of America's most popular National Parks. The increased fees, the...

Tricks to help you see more in the night sky (and elsewhere)

By Chris Fellows, Serenity Mobile Observatory This week I am going to take a break from the learning the night sky series and talk a...
RV Electricity

Do you use an EMS/Smart surge protector on your RV?

Many RVers use a basic surge protector when they hook up their RV to shore power. The more advanced surge protectors are sometimes called...

Let the stars be your road map – Part 3

Astronomy for RVers By Chris Fellows, Serenity Mobile Observatory Last week we found our first Deep Sky Object (DSO), Messier 31 (M31) or the Andromeda Galaxy....

Reader Poll: How many slideouts on your RV?

Is your RV sliding about everywhere you look, or do you have no slideout at all? That's our question this week. The current tally...

Google Voice breaks the shackles of your phone number

By Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour Would you like to: Have a separate phone number for your business without getting a separate phone? Have one phone number...

Fill your free time with an interesting hobby

  Here's a question from a reader of RVtravel.com about RV living.  Hi Bob, My husband and I have been full-timing for several months. When we first...

It pays to stop at tourist bureaus and visitor centers

By Bob Difley All area attractions at one time or another offer either discounts, free days, two-for-ones, or other incentives. Always check at every tourist bureau...

Get more from your RV trip – Sit a little longer

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Still unpacking the rig after several weeks on the road, we've finally hit the point where we can slow...

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