Friday, February 21, 2020

A/C concerns in long-term shady campsite for camp hosts

  Dear Gary, We start our first 8-week camp hosting activity in a few weeks. Our campsite is very shady with hardly any sunlight making...

Caution! Don’t confuse RV light bulbs

In this segment of an RVtravel.com live webcast Chuck Woodbury, Mike Sokol and Chris Dougherty discuss a common mistake: using the wrong bulb...

Be kind to your differential — It’s all you’ve got

By Greg Illes Deep down under your rig, far behind the driver's seat and usually caked with dirt, grease and road grime, is one of...

Stop that towed vehicle rattle

By Greg Iles   There are a lot of anti-rattle devices on the market, all aimed at limiting or removing the "clunk" from the loose-fitting tow...

Safely packing your RV cupboards

By Russ and Tiña De Maris   "How do you store stuff in your cupboards?" asks the new RVer. Fearful that the shifting and bumping of...

SmartPlug connector reduces fire/electrocution problems

By Bob Difley As part of its ongoing product evolution, SmartPlug Systems has incorporated several upgrades into its 30A connector. The BF30 30A Retro-fit...
RV Tire Safety

Did you really read your RV owner’s manual?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Yeah, I know that if you are like me you were given a stack of owner's manuals...

RV body dent fixed with a “wrap”?

By Chris Dougherty Chris Dougherty is a certified RV technician. Here is a letter he received from a reader while he was serving...

Freezing foods for easy fixin’ – Part 2

Editor's note: Adding to Ralph Graner's ideas for freezing foods for easy fixin', here's a little extra freezin' foods wisdom from Alice Henneman, MS, RD,...

What inflation to run when changing ply rating or tire size?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Following a few different RV forums, I see a number of people that clearly do not...

Tools for RVers: Essential equipment, a set of pliers

By Chris Dougherty Certified RV technician An essential part of the RV toolbox is a good set of pliers. Now, you can get a complete set...

Most RVers use additives in their RV holding tanks

In a past issue of the RVtravel.com newsletter we asked readers if they used chemicals in their RV holding tanks. Perhaps we should have used the word “additives”...

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