Friday, June 5, 2020

Keep your gray valve open — but the stink away!

By Dave Helgeson You have settled into a full-hookup campsite, hooked up the water, plugged in the power and connected the sewer hose between the...

Make your mornings peaceful with generator work-arounds

By Greg Illes One of our recent campsites had a campground "quiet time" ending at 8:00 a.m. We could hear folks moving about the camp...

Grease up the hitch ball?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris  A new hitch ball is often bright, shiny and chromed. But many RVers have been much dismayed, on lifting...

Seal out the weather — with putty tape

By Russ and Tiña De Maris If you're an RV do-it-yourselfer, chances are good you've already encountered "putty tape." This sticky material is a regular...

Used RV parts: Are they really a bargain?

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Every so often I'll get a call from someone asking about used parts for their RV — whether I...

Hanging cot increases sleeping room in your RV

By doityourselfrv.com RVs are great for living but sometimes, when the grandkids or in-laws show up, things can get a little tight for sleeping. What...
RV Electricity

Why a voltmeter will help you to be a happy camper

By Greg Illes There’s a lot of confusion out there about batteries, not the least of which is how to tell if your batteries are...

Traffic jams at the RV dump station

By Jim Twamley RVers who frequent Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds, state campgrounds, RV rallies or high-traffic tourist destinations on a weekend may occasionally find...

 Refinish those worn-out exterior RV hatches and trim

By doityourselfrv.com Tired of yellowing RV hatches, vents and trim? Consider this method for making the yellow disappear and the pieces look brand-new again! Cost effective,...

How to maximize your RV storage with plastic totes

By Curtis Carper A place for everything, and everything in its place. Sounds like the mantra for someone with a compulsive disorder, but in reality...

Select your towed vehicle for all-around fun and utility

by Greg Illes It turns out that "towed" and "toad" are pronounced the same. It also turns out that the RV community, as a whole,...

Convert your RV to “all electric”? Not a good idea!

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Every so often someone seems to reinvent the notion that an all-electric RV — one with no propane system...

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