Friday, May 14, 2021

Keep your hitch ball covered — DIY RV project

By John Cook with Russ and Tiña De Maris After walking into the hitch ball on my tow rig while wearing my "dress" blue jeans,...

Swing your wall heater out for better coverage

By Greg Illes We've been running non-fan-driven heaters for quite a while now, for all the well-known reasons: outstanding propane efficiency, zero battery usage, silent...

Not all TPO roofing is created equal

In 2011, some RV manufacturers started using new formulations of TPO (thermoplastic olefin) roofing material that has come into the RV marketplace. To stay...

How to store a small vacuum in your RV

By Jim Twamley Vacuum cleaners come in various sizes and therefore the storage requirements differ. My wife and I use a DirtDevil hand-held vacuum because...

Light up your RV with magnetic LED lights

By Jim Twamley I was in WalMart with my camera and spotted these LED lights. Who else but yours truly would remove these from the...

A power inverter can save you on hookups

By Chuck Woodbury A small power inverter like the one pictured can provide some household power needs without the use of a generator or a...

Eliminate smelly kitchen towels

By Rene Agredano If you've ever had an unpleasant whiff of mildew on a kitchen wash cloth or sponge, you know that humidity and a...

A better drain valve for your RV

By Jim Twamley Seems like the fresh water tank drain valves provided on RVs are just too wimpy and easy to break. Here's a way...

Beware: RV awnings can become missiles

It's a good idea before hitting the highways this spring to give your RV a thorough maintenance inspection and make any necessary repairs. One...

How to repair an RV roof on the cheap

We've mentioned our love for EternaBond repair tape for years at Leaks in your RV's roof are a major headache, and RVers have...

Where to dump your RV holding tanks

An essential chore for RVers is dumping their holding tanks. It sounds unpleasant, but if done right it's quick, easy and not messy. The...

How to keep your clothes from falling in the closet as you drive

If only the hangers in our RV closets would stay put like the ones at home! Well, they would if we would just stop...

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