Friday, November 27, 2020

We had our RV custom painted. Here’s what the process was like…

By Nanci Dixon Like many RVs with decal graphics, our motorhome had started to show signs of age after only four years. The decals were...

Water filtration: Keep it clean, keep it safe

By Nanci Dixon Water is such an essential element and, as an RVer, it becomes an even more essential part of everyday life. Whether connected...
RV Extended Warranty - worth it?

RV extended warranties: How to get claims paid faster

With Tony Barthel From the editor: Tony Barthel is a warranty expert, and he’s here to answer your questions. Check out these two articles if...

How to safely pack your RV cupboards

By Russ and Tiña De Maris "How do you store stuff in your cupboards?" asks the new RVer. Fearful that the shifting and bumping of...
maintenance and repair

An easy fix to stop towed vehicle rattle

By Greg Illes There are a lot of anti-rattle devices on the market, all aimed at limiting or removing the "clunk" from the loose-fitting tow...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: Is there a specific “safety margin” on tires?

By Roger Marble I recently read a question on a blog about tire "safety margin." I pointed out that the term "safety margin" really doesn't...
maintenance and repair

Keep your generator linkage clean to prevent stoppages

By Greg Illes Onan generators, typically 4000W (3600W for propane), are often a feature on mid- to large-size RVs. You can recognize these ubiquitous products...

Has your RV ever been in a repair shop for a month or longer?

We can cross our fingers all we want, but we know, sadly, that many of you have had to leave your RV in a...

Fifth wheel hitching: An old-timer’s advice

By George Bliss From several years of observations at campgrounds, it seems most RVers don’t know the importance of hooking up the umbilical cord from...

These two inexpensive cleaning agents work great!

By Bob Difley Before buying those high-priced, fancy-packaged, specialized cleaning supplies, here are cleaning tips using two items you probably already have in your rig....
Stick on LED

When RV parts are discontinued, DIY projects to the rescue!

By Nanci Dixon When motorhome parts are discontinued, it is time for a DIY fix. Our 2017 motorhome has a unique living area wall light...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: Things to consider when purchasing an air compressor

By Roger Marble Here are some things to consider before purchasing an air compressor for your RV. Look for maximum pressure capability When making a purchase decision...

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