RV Doctor

Older RV oven acting up – Can it be retrofitted?

Dear Gary, The Suburban oven in our older RV is acting up. The pilot lights normally and when turning the control to a cooking temperature...
RV Tire Safety

Have you “tested” your TPMS?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Like anything mechanical or electrical, TPMS parts can die, wear out or malfunction. While I am not...
RV Doctor

How not to clean a plastic RV toilet

RV Doctor Dear Gary, You have helped me several times in the past and now I have a minor problem. The toilet brush we have...
RV Tire Safety

Why the differences in expected tire life based on type of usage?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Question: I saw a recent question on a forum regarding tire life: "I was wondering if someone could...
RV Doctor

Replacing the RV carpet

Dear Gary, We are considering replacing the carpeting in our motorhome with new carpeting or vinyl flooring. Should we see an RV service dealer or...
RV Tire Safety

ST tire speed rating, and why you should stay under 65 mph

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Point of clarification. The Tire and Rim Association load formula used by the industry for ST-type tires...
RV Doctor

Why isn’t converter giving a full charge while driving?

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I have a converter that doesn't properly give a full charge while driving. I have a Dodge Sprinter chassis with the Mercedes...
RV Tire Safety

Tire brand confusion: Who makes which RV tires and where?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Confused about who makes which RV tires and where they're made? This info should help. Here's a quote...
RV Doctor

How to fix a drippy RV faucet

Dear Gary, How do you repair the bathroom faucets? I have a two-handle faucet in the bathroom that looks to be all metal and it...

How to keep rodents out of your RV

Anyone who has owned an RV for long knows that there are a couple of Public Enemies Number One — water intrusion and rodent...
RV Tire Safety

Do you have “big wheels” on your car or tow vehicle? Why?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble When people shop for a car or truck very few pay attention to the tires other than...
RV Doctor

Why RV service technician certification is important!

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I am very frustrated! I just purchased a used coach and there have been no problems until this week. I left for...

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