maintenance and repair

Is it safe to run that cheaper Walmart DEF?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Does your diesel engine require DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)? If it does, you may have heard contradictory information about...
RV Tire Safety

Do you need an external spare tire cover?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble I was recently reading a forum where the owners of one specific brand of trailers were complaining...
maintenance and repair

Maintenance session for REV diesel motorhome owners set for May 2-8

The annual 2019 maintenance session for REV brand diesel motorhomes will take place May 2 to 8 at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen,...
RV Tire Safety

Trailer tire inflation – It appears Goodyear agrees with Roger

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble I have written a number of articles on the advisability of running trailer tires at the inflation...
RV Doctor

Can a 2-way RV fridge be converted to a 3-way?

Dear Gary: We just replaced our Dometic refrigerator with a new one. On our old refrigerator we had an aftermarket 3-way switch put in (AC,...
RV Tire Safety

Valve stems, cores and caps, “Oh my!” – And how tight is “tight enough”?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble Yes, some rubber valve stems have a metal center and some valves are all metal except for...
RV Doctor

RV spring shakedown primer

By Gary Bunzer (Updated from March 2017) Now that spring has finally arrived and, hopefully, memories of a long, cold winter begin to wane (or at...
RV Doctor

George Bunzer – Where Gary got his smarts and his passion for RVs

RV Doctor George Bunzer – Gone but not forgotten By Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor George was a unique character. He was also my Dad. He was...
RV Tire Safety

How much “reserve load” or “headroom” is enough in a tire?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble I've been following an RV forum discussion on how much extra load capacity or "reserve load" or...

RV Inspection & Mobile Repair Services Directory

This is a new feature as of March, 2019. It will grow, so be sure to check back. These RV technicians and inspectors will inspect...
RV Doctor

Can you change a tire if you need to? Are you sure?

RV Doctor By Gary Bunzer Have you ever thought much about how to change a tire? Your answer will depend on your responses to a number...
RV Tire Safety

Are ST tires the “best” tires made?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger Marble One fact that many choose to ignore, or just don't think about, is that very few RVs...

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