RV Tire Safety

Optimum, appropriate or required inflation? What’s on a tire placard?

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger MarbleI have seen people use a variety of words to describe the inflation numbers on vehicle tire...

Possible fixes for hard-to-reach toilet leak

Dear Gary, I have an older Tioga motorhome. The hoses connecting to the toilet are leaking. I cannot reach the connections because of the tight...
maintenance and repair

Marcus Lemonis explains sometimes slow service at Camping World

In this video Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis talks with a Camping World technician about why repairing a customer's RV can sometimes be frustratingly...
RV Electricity

Forum Q&A – How to test a fuse

Using a digital multimeter to test a fuse Q: Hi Mike. Please forgive me for being a newbie. I went to my local auto store and...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety – “China bomb” tires and McDonald’s fries? What?

By Roger MarbleI continue to see people talking about "China bomb" tires. As an engineer, this makes me a bit sad that so many...
RV Doctor

Replace anode with drain valve on water heater?

Dear Gary, I was told that it is best to drain your hot water tank after each excursion, so I replaced the anode with a...
RV Tire Safety

Small single-axle travel trailer tire inflation, and more

RV Tire Safety By Roger Marble I have received questions on tire inflation from folks with small single-axle travel trailers, boat trailers and utility trailers. There...
RV Doctor

Any legal recourse for potential damage from RV shop’s mistake?

RV Doctor Dear Gary, I am writing you for your opinion about an event that has taken place involving our new trailer. We purchased a brand-new...
RV Tire Safety

Tire ramps or blocks may damage your tires

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger MarbleLast year I was at a large RV event and noticed many Class B RVs were using...
RV Doctor

Why is there no pressure in RV fresh water plumbing system?

Dear Gary, The water pressure in our motorhome is getting lower and lower in the bathroom, plus it makes a whistling sound when the hot...
RV Tire Safety

What you should know about different tire types

RV Tire Safety with RV tire expert Roger MarbleWhenever you ask a question about tires, whether you ask about price, load capacity or inflation, the...

Make plug-in electric heaters safer with SmartPlug

Product review By Bob DifleyPortable heaters are a convenient way to ward off the season's chill, but these devices increase amperage loads that poorly maintained...

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