Tuesday, April 20, 2021
RV Electricity

RV battery disconnect switches: how, when and why

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Got a battery disconnect switch on your RV and wonder how to use it? Whether your switch is the...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity – Just Ask Mike (J.A.M.): Don’t just drop in a Lithium battery

By Mike Sokol Welcome to my J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session, a weekly column where I answer your basic electrical questions. If you're a newbie...
RV Electricity

RVelectricity – Generator automatic transfer switches 101

By Mike Sokol As promised, here's a look at how your generator automatic transfer switch (ATS) works, and how to troubleshoot it when it's not...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity – Generator neutral bonding basics

Dear Mike, I know your NoShockZone article on generator bonding is getting "dated" at this point, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for...
RV Electricity

RVelectricity – What’s all the noise about generators?

By Mike Sokol Dear Mike, Are the so called RV-Ready generators any quieter than the contractor generators you're always talking about? The salesman at the...

Choosing the right extension cord for RV’s shore power cord

  Hi Mike, I need to add a 25-foot extension cord to my shore power cord to reach the outlet in my garage while my...
RV Electricity

Dim interior lights: Battery problem or power converter?

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Here's a common question that's worth sharing. From a reader: Recently my lights in my fifth wheel have started getting...
RV Electricity

RVelectricity – Do I need a surge protector on an inverter generator?

By Mike Sokol Dear Readers, I've written a number of times about the reasons for using an advanced (Total Electrical Protection or EMS) surge protector on...
RV Electricity

Thirty- and fifty-amp GFCIs in campgrounds – not a good idea

By Mike Sokol I received a number of inquiries last week about possible changes to the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) and how it might...
RV Electricity

RVelectricity – 12-volt battery dangers (Warning: graphic content)

By Mike Sokol Dear Readers, I see more and more of you changing batteries in your RV. Perhaps you're adding a second battery for more boondocking...

RV Electricity – The ABCs of campground power and grounding – Part 1

  AC power and grounding from the electric pole to your RV Dear Readers, I recently realized after trying to explain to an electrician the facts of...

30-amp RV vs. 50-amp RV – What’s the difference?

By Mark Polk, RV Education 101 What is the difference between a 30-amp and a 50-amp RV electrical system? RVs that don’t have large electrical...

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