Friday, June 5, 2020

RV Electricity – Pedestal cleanup after a flood

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up….  This is a really important maintenance procedure that ALL campgrounds should  perform after any flooding that puts their...

RV Electricity: Use 50-amp to 30-amp adapter in a pinch?

Dear Mike, I read this on the RV forum I am a member of: “I talked to support at Progressive Industries. His suggestion is to use...

RV Electricity – Can I add a second surge protector?

Dear Mike, Thanks for your No Shock Zone articles! I am a big fan. I have a technical question based on an issue raised by...

RV Electricity – Stray Voltage found on call button box on gate!

Dear Readers, This report just in from the Stray Voltage Patrol.... It describes an SVP member feeling a shock from the call box at the...

RV Electricity – Low Voltage Report

Dear Readers, Since the Stray Voltage Patrol is already generating some interesting reports, I'm going to use one of them to discuss the problem of...

RV Electricity – Stray Voltage Patrol Test Protocol (Preliminary)

Dear SVP member, Following is the basic checklist protocol I would like you to follow when gathering data for your Stray Voltage Patrol form. This...

RV Electricity – The Stray Voltage Patrol is now up to 200 members!

Dear Readers, Here's an update on the Stray Voltage Patrol, as well as a few pictures of why Chuck Woodbury and I think that...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity – No~Shock~Zone by Mike Sokol – Issue 10

Issue 10 • August 26, 2018 MIKE SOKOL, editor Brought to you as a public service by RVtravel.com. Support comes from our sponsors, advertisers and the contributions...

2018 RV Electrical Safety Seminars update

Dear Mike, We want to thank you again for the electrical safety seminars you presented at our 2018 rally.  They were a major highlight...

Is advanced pedestal testing feasible?

Dear Mike, It may be best to check pedestal voltage under load before plugging in. Is there an easy way to do this? —Don/Piano-tuna Dear...

Video and article: Best grease for lubricating trailer plug?

Dear Mike, Can you recommend a grease that can be used on a 5-way trailer plug?  My connector is a bit tight and hard to...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity – (Printable) Pedestal Power Checklist

Dear Mike, The procedure at the top of the Pedestal Power article is great. But for newbies (or those of us who are just forgetful),...

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