Friday, December 6, 2019
RV Electricity

Do you use an EMS/Smart surge protector on your RV?

Many RVers use a basic surge protector when they hook up their RV to shore power. The more advanced surge protectors are sometimes called...

Power pedestal testing (including at COE campgrounds), Part 3

By Mike Sokol Here's Part 3 of my article about testing pedestals, which includes U.S Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campgrounds that won't allow...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity Newsletter by Mike Sokol – What’s new, you?

Dear Mike, What's this I hear you'll soon be starting your own RV Electricity Newsletter on RVtravel.com? What kind of topics will you be...

Shocked by my air conditioner? What’s going on?

Hi Mike, I got shocked by my coach yesterday. An electrician came out and said the pedestal was good. When I shut off the rear...

Does coiled extension cord heat up in storage bucket?

Hey Mike, I was thinking about getting a bucket to store my shore power extension cord, or maybe even one of those fancy reels....

What power extension cord for RV parked 90 feet from outlet?

  Mike, I was reading an article you wrote about 30A pedestals. I’ve just purchased a piece of land and there’s a new 30A RV...

RV battery wiring explained

  Hi Gary, I have an older Nash 5th wheeler. I have one completely dead battery in it now. I want to replace it with...

Surge protector for 30- or 50-amp outlets

  Hi Mike, First off, I just bought your book on Amazon and have read 80% of it, as well as bought all the tools...

Basic voltage measurements at a campground pedestal

  I just had a phone call from a nervous camper that went something like this: Hey Mike, Guess I should have read your columns more...
RV Electricity

Should you unplug your RV during a lightning storm?

RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury talks with RV electricity authority Mike Sokol of NoShockZone.org about whether it's a good idea to unplug an RV from...

Advantages of AGM batteries in motorhome

  Dear Gary, I'm thinking my coach batteries may need replacing within the year. I asked my RV dealer whether AGM batteries are a good...

What’s a ground loop tester and do I need one?

  Hey Mike, I’ve read in several of your posts on various sites that you recommend a Ground Impedance Tester as the “Gold Standard.” What...

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