Sunday, September 20, 2020
RV Electricity

Stray Voltage Patrol – Sign-up

Here's the official Stray Voltage Patrol sign-up form. We'll put the info in a contact list and send you all an email in a...

RV Electricity – Using a Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Dear Mike, After reading your article on RV hot-skin voltage I ordered a Southwire 40126N Non-Contact Voltage Tester, but now wonder if it's the correct...

RV Electricity – Hot grounds and the Stray Voltage Patrol

Dear Mike & Chuck, My wife and I love reading your newsletter – keep up the good work! I just finished reading the post regarding the...
RV Electricity

Breaking News on “Stray Voltage”

Breaking News on Stray Voltage By Mike Sokol Within hours of publishing my article Focus on Stray Voltage, we received this very interesting comment from Richard...
RV Electricity

Focus on “Stray Voltage.” What is it and why should you care?

Focus on Stray Voltage I'm declaring July official Hot-Skin/Stray Voltage month. For those of you who don't know, an RV Hot-Skin occurs when the ground...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity – ABCs of generator noise

Dear Mike, I really learned a lot from your RV Electricity article on generators last Sunday. But do you have a more basic version of...
RV Electricity

RV Electricity – No~Shock~Zone by Mike Sokol – Issue 8

Issue 8 • June 24, 2018 Brought to you as a public service by RVtravel.com. Support comes from our sponsors, advertisers and the contributions of...

RV Electricity – Voltage drop

Voltage drop If you've been following along with this series, you already know about voltage, amperage and wattage. But what about that 800 lb. gorilla...

RV Electricity – Generator Noise Pollution – Part 1

Generator Noise Pollution - Part 1 by Mike Sokol - All Rights Reserved I've had several recent emails about noisy generators bothering nearby campers. I...

What makes a generator “RV Ready”?

Dear Mike, I've been thinking about buying a generator for my RV, but most of them have some sort of twist-lock plug that won't connect...

How to safely test for a hot-skin condition on your RV

Dear Mike, I've been following your newsletter and find it an excellent source of information. We live in the humid environment of southern Georgia...

Inverters 101: Understanding amps and volts

Hi Mike, Here’s a weird one regarding my 2017 F/R 34QS. Some information: I have a Magnum 2,000 watt pure sine wave inverter and four...

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