Wednesday, January 27, 2021

One good reason not to travel with your propane on

From beneath his coach, certified RV technician and journalist Chris Dougherty shows you how a blown tire could ignite an RV's propane if the...

The common causes of RV fires

https://youtu.be/NQy11h7s6ro Mac McCoy, Mac The Fire Guy, explains how and why RVs catch fire (which they do all too often). As he says, if you...

Escaping your RV in a fire: you have 20 seconds

https://youtu.be/_MkJr_a2LWY RV fire expert Mac McCoy runs down what you need to know to escape your RV in an emergency. Most RVers don't know the...

Fire extinguishers are not created equal

https://youtu.be/XoixMWPdEBw Mac McCoy, Mac the Fire Guy, discusses RV fire extinguishers. The one that came with your RV is typically not sufficient. Some RVers buy...

How to tell if your fire extinguisher is in good working order

https://youtu.be/L9UZOIKCojY Mac McCoy, Mac the Fire Guy tells you how to determine if your RV's fire extinguisher is in good working condition. Do you know...

Is running RV fridge on propane when traveling a fire hazard?

https://youtu.be/HJMTQWWoMSw RV fire expert Mac McCoy, Mac the Fire Guy, answers a question that pops up all the time in RV circles: is it okay...

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