Monday, April 12, 2021

We got into an accident. Here’s what we learned that may help you

By Gail Marsh Two days. Just two days until we’d be heading back north after several months in sunny, warm Florida. Two days. I was...

Trailer “tail-wagging” – Prevent this dangerous sway from happening to you

By Gail Marsh What does a dog’s tail have to do with towing an RV? Turns out, a lot! Not knowing about the “wagging dog’s...

Goodyear Tire must pay for hiding evidence from RVers

By Russ and Tiña De Maris The wheels of justice – or in this case, the tires of justice – turn slowly. But Goodyear Tire...

The top 5 trailer towing mistakes owners make

Mark J. Polk, RV Education 101 How to safely and properly tow a trailer involves many factors. The tow vehicle and trailer must be properly...
Propane tank inside

Is it safe to bring a propane tank inside an RV?

By Dave Helgeson Is it safe to bring a propane tank inside of an RV? The answer is a resounding NO! “Never use, store, or transport...
Driving in Texas

Do you “Drive Friendly”? How to be a better RV driver

By Gail Marsh "Drive Friendly." This was the sign that greeted me as I entered Texas for my first real job. Huh. Back then I...

Black ice driving tips for RVers

By Rene Agredano, LiveWorkDream Winter is a challenging time for RVers to be on the road. Even if you don't experience a snowstorm, sudden freezing...

Trucks and RVs: Move over to the left lane – Why?

By Jim Twamley When piloting a big rig like an RV or an 18-wheeler, the general advice is, "Stay in the right lane except to...

Is it time to re-level your RV? Here are some signs to look for

By Gail Marsh Here's the scenario: It’s been several weeks since you parked your rig. The campground’s been great! You’ve met interesting folks and enjoyed...

Propane: Do you know these safety basics?

By Gail Marsh Most every child learned to never mess around with guns and matches, but few of us ever received training in the proper...
COVID at the Quartzsite RV show

COVID at the Quartzsite RV Show? One man’s unfortunate story

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When we published stories prior to this year’s Quartzsite RV Show, we received mixed reactions. Many of our readers...

Bear and wasp spray: Good or bad idea for self-defense?

By Tony Barthel If you want to start a controversy in any RV social media group, bring up the topic of self-defense. You will get...

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