Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How to fit a dog backpack

About half of RVtravel.com readers bring along one or more dogs on their trips. And for many of those readers a big part of...

How to snag a campsite in Arches NP even when “Campground Full”

No one needs to remind you that unless you have a reservation for some of the most popular National Parks you are unlikely to...

RVing the Oregon coast is a delight

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places in America and easy to explore with an RV. The pavement is...

Will you travel by plane in 2021?

This year, 2021, is a bit up in the air (perhaps literally...) for all of us. Will we be able to travel internationally? Will...

A rewarding way to RV: Volunteer along the way

By Tim Slack Growing up – and as grown-ups – my wife and I relished the outdoors: the mountains in California or Colorado, deserts in...

Go where, young man? More of your RVing dreams

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When readers told us of their dreams of future RV travel, we were flooded with both fantasies and clearly...

Sleep inside the world’s largest beagle

Forget the RV for a night (and the cat!). Instead, sleep soundly inside the 30-foot-tall belly of the beast, er, in this case, a...

Take this short detour to Wupatki and Sunset Crater on your trip south

By Bob Difley Snowbirds descending from the Pacific Northwest, the Plains states, or the Midwest into southern Arizona for the winter have several routes to...

Will you travel to see friends or family for the holidays this month?

The holidays look different this year, but for many of us, we might be trying to make them seem as "normal" as we possibly...
Chris Miller's latest stone car art, a 1929 Ford Model A.

Pickup truck weighs 30,000 pounds. See what it’s made of!

By James Raia Chris Miller has made public art for decades. He works in granite, marble and wood, and he's made plenty of monuments in...

Leave the RV behind! Camp in a cave!

Looking for an unusual camping experience, one you can talk about later for years? How about spending the night in a cave? You can do...
2020 Volkswagen Altas

Best 2020 vehicle for RV families? VW Atlas

By James Raia The editors at Cars.com compile a lot of lists every year. For RVers with families, arguably the prominent site's most important list...

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