Monday, May 17, 2021

Where was this photo taken? Take your best guess

Here is your geography quiz for today. Where was this photo taken? Do you recognize it? It certainly doesn't look very hospitable, does it? Okay,...

A rewarding way to RV: Volunteer along the way

By Tim Slack Growing up – and as grown-ups – my wife and I relished the outdoors: the mountains in California or Colorado, deserts in...

COVID-free towns to visit this summer – No pandemic worries!

By Dave Helgeson As we say goodbye to 2020 and look ahead to 2021, we are all wishing the pandemic would be a distant memory...
Barbie's dream house

Spend the night in Barbie’s dream RV

Now, this is not an opportunity that comes along every day! The only problem is you'll have to fly or drive to Mexico City...

“Real ID” Act may soon complicate RVers’ lives

By Russ and Tiña De Maris October 1, 2020, could be a critical date for fulltime RVers. On that not-too-distant date, anyone wanting access...

The Old West lives on in Modoc County, CA’s, remote ranchlands

By Bob Difley If you are a Californian, you are likely sometimes surprised by the number of RVers that say, “I won’t travel in California...

Where is this? Can you guess?

Where is this? We'll give you two hints: It's not in Kansas and it's not in Maine (no lobster present). All kidding aside, we...

What about RVing somewhere else? Like AFRICA?

By Greg Illes A lot of people feel that Africa is so exotic and remote a destination that it's beyond the reach of mere mortals...

Small museums make for awesome family RV Short Stops

By Julianne G. Crane Small museums, like the Idaho Museum of Natural History, often offer a lot to families. They frequently don't overwhelm children with...

Eight tips for taking professional-grade travel photos

By Bob Difley You don’t need expensive photographic equipment to take good travel photos if you follow these tips that professional travel photographers use for...
The 2020 Honda Pilot has an expensive Black Edition.

New Car Review: 2020 Honda Pilot, tangled up in black

By James Raia The Honda Pilot is in its 19th year as the manufacturer's biggest, most versatile and most expensive sport utility vehicle. It's also...

Where do you mostly RV, east or west of the Mississippi?

When you're out traveling in your RV, where are you most often – east or west of the Mississippi? The line is drawn south...

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