Tuesday, August 4, 2020

“Real ID” Act may soon complicate RVers’ lives

By Russ and Tiña De Maris October 1, 2020, could be a critical date for fulltime RVers. On that not-too-distant date, anyone wanting access...

Explore the West’s explosive history on the Volcanic Legacy National Scenic Byway

By Bob Difley Before Global Warming was the media’s favorite weather topic, even before the last Ice Age, when the earth was a youngster about...

Trees of Mystery – Popular outdoor destination in the Redwoods

By Julianne G. Crane Since the mid-'40s, the Trees of Mystery in northern California has been a favorite stopover for many travelers driving along U.S. Highway...

Visit the world’s largest prairie chicken

You never know when you're traveling from town to town when you'll run into something really big! For example, what if you were to...

RV Short Stop: Visit Raquel Welch’s bra

The Genoa Bar in Genoa, Nevada was established in 1853. It's been visited by many famous people including Raquel Welch in the 1960s,...

Oregon Coast’s Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area offers wildlife viewing year-round

By Bob Difley When cruising the Oregon Coast with a westward focus to the scenic beaches and shorelines we sometimes miss attractions that lie to...

You haven’t seen South Dakota until you’ve roamed the Black Hills

By Bob Difley Having spent months trudging across endless miles of prairie grasslands in the mid-1800s, westward-heading settlers spotted the looming dark mountains on the...

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