Monday, January 17, 2022


Visit the world’s largest prairie chicken

You never know when you’re traveling from town to town when you’ll run into something really big! For example, what if you were to turn a corner and come upon a big ol’ prairie chicken? We’re talking the world’s largest prairie chicken! If you did, you’d be in Rothsay, Minnesota.

Prairie chickens were once abundant in North America, with millions when the first settlers arrived. But by the 1930s, hunting pressure and habitat loss had driven them nearly to extinction. So when the tiny town of Rothsay (pop. 479) was designated the “Prairie Chicken Capital of Minnesota,” the local community decided to put up a statue.

The statue, in the northwest outskirts of town, was unveiled on June 15, 1976, a year after Rothsay was declared (maybe self-proclaimed?) the “Prairie Chicken Capital of Minnesota.” In case you are interested, the big bird is 13 feet high, 18 feet long and weighs in at 9,000 pounds.

Actually, it’s not only the largest Prairie Chicken in Minnesota, but probably the world. If you know differently, please leave a comment.



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