Tuesday, May 17, 2022



Chilling while driving your motorhome

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

A new reader sent us an email with an interesting question: “Can we run the propane generator while driving?”

It’s a great question, particularly for folks with larger motorhomes that, while equipped with factory “dash air,” don’t cool down with that comparatively miniscule-scale air conditioner.

Really, operating a motorhome’s roof air system while tooling down the highway is fine, whether the motorhome’s generator is LP-fired or otherwise. Keep in mind, if the generator draws from the motorhome’s fuel source — for example, a gasoline-fired generator drawing on the motorhome’s fuel tank — you’ll have fewer miles in the tank for getting wherever it is you’re going, and it will affect your fuel economy figures, if you’re keeping them.

There are other ways to keep yourself cool without drawing on the roof air. If you’re piloting a Class A motorhome or a large Class C and you find the dash air just doesn’t cut it, then take a tip from other RVers who’ve hung a heavy curtain behind the motorhome cockpit to isolate that area from the rest of the rig. Pull the curtain closed and you’ll reduce the area that the dash air needs to keep cool. Provided everyone is in the cockpit area, the result should be a less costly way to keep cool on the road.


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