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Unlimited uses for coffee filters in your RV

Sure you use them to brew your daily eye-opener, but did you know that there are lots of other uses for coffee filters? It’s true! And because the filters are small and lightweight, they can save space and tackle many chores as you travel in your RV.

In the kitchen

  • Place a coffee filter over foods you nuke in the microwave. It will catch splatters and keep your microwave clean without the hassle of a plastic “dome” taking up space.
  • Use coffee filters to mop up spills in a pinch. Most are very absorbent.
  • Use them in between dishes, pots, and lids to cushion them while moving down the road.
  • Remove the silk from corn-on-the-cob by rubbing a coffee filter up and down the cob.
  • Wrap fruit, celery, and other greens in a coffee filter and place them in the refrigerator crisper. They’ll last longer.
  • Make flavored “sun tea.” Fill your container with water. Wrap lemon wedges, mint leaves, or other flavors inside a coffee filter. Use a plastic bread bag closure to keep the items secured inside the filter. Add the tea bags. Then steep in the sun as usual. The tea will have great flavor!
  • Serve popcorn in individual coffee filters. The filter will soak up any oils and there’ll be no dishes to wash!
  • When you accidentally break the cork into your bottle of wine, you can strain the wine through a coffee filter. Cheers!

In the bathroom

  • Remove nail polish with coffee filters. (They are more durable than paper towels.)
  • A small piece of coffee filter can stop bleeding if you nick yourself when shaving.
  • Treat a bump by wrapping ice inside a coffee filter. Apply to the injury.

In the closet

  • Wrap scented washer beads in a coffee filter and tie it shut. Hang it in the closet to keep the air fresh.
  • Put baking soda inside a coffee filter, tie it closed, and place it inside shoes to keep them from making an unpleasant smell in the closet.
  • Shine shoes. Apply shoe polish with a coffee filter and use a clean filter to buff and shine.

In the RV

  • Coffee filters can take the place of paper towels when cleaning RV windows. The filters are more durable than paper towels and get those windows sparkling clean in no time!
  • Coffee filters can clean and polish your television, computer, and phone screens. Just gently wipe the screen surface with a filter and dust is gone!
  • Do you grow herbs in your RV windows? Put a coffee filter at the bottom of each flowerpot to keep soil from spilling out the drain hole.
  • Put cinnamon, vanilla, or other scents you like into a coffee filter. Tie it shut and simmer in water on the cooktop to freshen the air in your RV.

Who knew that coffee filters could be so versatile? Give it a try … right after your morning cuppa’ joe.

Leave a comment and add to our list of uses for coffee filters. Thanks!


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linda d (@guest_181643)
1 year ago

I use the little square fragrant wax melts in my bathroom at home. When the fragrance is gone & it’s time to replace the wax, I put paper from my paper shredder into a coffee filter, then pour the used melted wax over it & save in a plastic bag til we go camping. These make the best fire starters!

mimi (@guest_174889)
1 year ago

I make my own coffee bags by scooping coffee, tying it off with either thread or dental floss…store in a ziploc bag and I just dunk into boiling water to make a cup. More convenient than hauling a container of coffee and dealing with my one-cup overcup filter.

Lexi's Mom (@guest_138568)
2 years ago

I use a filter in bottom of flower pots to eliminate soil from running through the drain hole.
Maybe hot an RV tip, but it works. 100 at the Dollar Store for $1.00…cant beat that!

tom (@guest_138361)
2 years ago

Time to make another cup!

Glen Scofield (@guest_138353)
2 years ago

Friends of ours who are nurses used coffee filters in their masks when they were in very short supply.

Kelly (@guest_138350)
2 years ago

Sounds really great, but they can be difficult to separate.

Kevindewaine (@guest_138450)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

Use thumbnail and fingernail of fore finger to pinch just one filter.

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