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Commenting Problems

Oh no!

Dear Reader,

You may know we’ve had some trouble with our comment section for the past few weeks. We’re going to make a few more changes this coming week that are designed to solve some of these problems in the long term. If you want to vote or subscribe to comments, we encourage you to come back to the site later in the day and vote or subscribe to comments at that time.

If you still experience problems with comments or the site in general:

  • Our comments section needs to be able to place cookies on your computer. You may have privacy settings that prevent us from setting cookies.
  • Some of you may have older cookies or older files from our site stored on your computer in your browser’s file cache.
  • Often clearing these files out will solve a problem with a website you are visiting.
  • Search for “clear my cache” along with the type of computer/device you’re using and the name of your browser for instructions on how to clear your browser’s file cache.

If you experience a problem posting or reading comments, we would very much appreciate you dropping us a note via the comment form below to tell us what happened.

Thank You,
RVtravel.com Staff


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