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2021 Jayco Redhawk 24B slide

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I just purchased this Rv with only 2400 miles on it; still smells new. However, I have had alot of issues with the slide getting off. I was told to hold button until fully in or out, which I have done. The resync method in 6" and out for 3 times but no matter what the back is ahead of the front. Just can't get it. Could the front motor be slow or going out? Slide is stuck out and repair person coming Friday morning. 

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We purchased a 2022 26xd new. We only used it a couple of weekends.  Our bedroom slide stuck out.  We got it to retract using your message (in-out, in-out, etc). After getting it home, I spent lots of time on internet.  Found several Youtube videos that dealt with slide problem. There is a control unit (approx 5" x 5")attached to the  inside of the compartment under the bed. Removed side panel to bed box (the one with the heater vent) and bent my self into a pretzel to view control box. Used a 3' pole with a phillips screwdriver taped on to remove two screws. I was then able to fish unit close enough to me to record and disconnect 4 wiring connections. The youttube videos outline the reset process (press reset button 6 times and then follow the directions (sorry I'm typing from memory and that detail has slipped) I pretty sure reset directions are printed on control unit. I the bored about a 2" hole approx where the control unit was (a little left of the fuse box) After fishing the appropriate wires through the hole, I reattached wires to control unit. After reset, I was able to get slideouts to work perfectly. Don't forget to lub tracks with teflon spray. Overall, horrible design for service after the sale.

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