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Question Any legal recourse for RV shop’s mistake on hitch install?

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First time 5th wheel owner! Purchased jayco 2021 brand new and had dealer install the super glide hitch into my truck that I purchased with them. Drove away and had a horrible time driving it… but everyone said it would take time getting used to towing such a large trailer (42ft). Had it sit on our property for 5 months before taking it out because we had such a horrible time trying to hitch it. 
once we nerved up to camp we got it hitched and the trailer was all over the place (slamming forward and back with every go and stop) damaging my truck tail gate! Took it in for service and service center fixed a bent axel on the rig… thought it was the problem. We never mentioned to have them look at the hitch because we didn’t think it was the problem. Fast forward to now and we finally discovered that the dealer NEVER installed the capture plate to the 5th wheel! We had been towing without it the whole time. You can tell we have never had one because areas that should be scratched from having a capture plate are brand new looking still on the slide hitch itself and the trailer.  What steps do we need to take with the dealer to have our situation handled? 


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