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Question Atwood RV Heater issue


 Jack Marshall
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Hi Dave.  I have an Atwood hot water heater in my RV.  It is model GC10A-2. It was manufactured in 2014.  I have never used the propane feature, only the electric.  It appears that power runs from the on/off switch to the thermostat, then from the thermostat to the ECO switch, and then from the ECO switch to the heating element.  Recently, the point of electrical contact at the thermostat from the on/off switch got very hot and started burning the insulation around the quick connect at the thermostat.  It was suggested that I replace the thermostat, ECO, and heating element.  The problem was not the heating element.  It worked for about a week and then the electrical contact at the ECO switch started getting hot and the unit stopped working again.  Some diagrams I've found, show the proper sequence of wiring as on/off to thermostat, thermostat to ECO, ECO to element.  Other diagrams seem to show on/off to ECO, ECO to thermostat, and thermostat to element.  Does the sequence matter?  Any suggestions as to the cause?  Could I have just gotten a bad ECO when I replaced the thermostat and ECO?  Thanks.  Jack


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