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Question Check Valve/tank Rupture

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We have a 2022 Forest River Cherokee Artic Wolf 3770SUITE

On our third trip out we had a failure in the city water system. We were in our third day of a 6 day trip we heard a loud pop in the underbelly below the kitchen island. It popped with such force it actually lifted the island and floor and had an rush of water into the underbelly that filled the entire underbelly. I rushed to the water faucet and turned the water off and started to investigate the issue. The underbelly was full enough it was actually sagging and have a video of my pushing up on the underbelly panels to get the water out from the front to the back. (Keep in mind, Water has never been added to the fresh water holding tank) This process to a couple of hours to get what water I could drained from the underbelly and called the Warrantee line to have a tech sent out but one was not available. So I turned the city water to see if I could duplicate the issue. To my surprise the system worked fine but I had to go to the fresh water holding tank and drain whatever water had flowed into this tank. What could have caused this rupture to the extend it would blow out with such force to lift the island and floor? I see on your forum, that a check valve failure is common and you can still use the city water as long as the holding tank is drained and not filling to capacity. Thanks in advance


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