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Question Cougar 24RDS Window Latch


 Mark Colby
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I have a 2021 Cougar 24RDS fifth wheel. The bedroom window has plastic latch that is mediocre at best. As you can see it bends when the window is in the up position. My question is there any way to remove the latch or beef it up while installed. My thought was to get a metal latch fabricated, but I can’t find a way to remove the glass with the lifting bar/latches attached or just remove the latches themselves. The window has fallen a couple of times because of this weakness. It boggles the mind that Keystone would try to save fifty cents by not using metal latches.

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I would recommend checking with Lippert as they have a window division and this may be one of their products? Either them or Hehr. I'm sure their tech support has run into this? Since it is a 2021 it might still be in warranty? I would also suggest contacting Keystone Customer Support as they have been outstanding in the past? 


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