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dead microwave outlet


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Our microwave/convection oven blew something. We have a 2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus. Everything else in the motorhome is working. The converter appears to be working as the fans are working. We have checked every circuit breaker we can find and none have tripped. We flipped them on and off anyway. GFI's also show nothing wrong The wire of the oven goes thru the wall to somewhere. But where? We would check the schematic, but neither of us can read them. Where is the other end of the oven outlet???


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Sorry for the delay, I was conducting seminars at the NC RV Dealers Show in Greensboro and we had record crowds and I got behind! The outlet should be wired directly to the distribution center with a circuit breaker that protects it? Normally the microwave outlet is not connected or "ganged" to other outlets in the rig, but I have learned to never say never in the RV world! I would get a non-contact voltage tester and check the outlet first to verify the microwave is not the issue. I've attached a photo of one. Check the outlet with the microwave plugged in and if it doesn't beep/light up, the outlet is dead. If it does, check the microwave cord about 2 feet up the cord. If it beeps/lights, the microwave is no good, if it doesn't, then the outlet is bad and is getting 120-volt power to the outlet, but not out.




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