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Dave do you think the cost to stay a night at a campground has gone up due to the size of campers (bus type) the increased use of utilities. What do you think of lowering the cost per night for reduced size trailer. I have a 17 foot casita uses less utilities.


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The cost of campgrounds has definately gone up due to a variety of issues especially consumer demand! I see more campgrounds are putting in electrical meters at the sites so each owner pays for what they use vs a blanket fee since the "big boys" with 2-3 roof ac units and all the toys will spin the meter 10 time faster than your Casita. Go to newsletter and search for campground articles as several of the writers traveling the country have posted about overcrowding, prices, and other issues. Unfortunately with the explosion of the RV market the campgrounds can charge what they want as the demand is there and they are actaully turning people away. 


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