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Question Loss of load at 70 MPH

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Recently our receiver completely broke off from our Class C Fleetwod Jamboree GT.  Our motor home is well maintained and in excellent condition but it is a 2005 model which we purchased at 2 years old. The RV has just over 100,000 miles. The receiver weld broke sending our towed Fiat 500 Abarth Convertible, the hitch with the safety cables still attached, and the receiver, into the median. It hit a cement wall.  We believe the vehicle, still attached to all the towing equipment, then shot back across 3 lanes of traffic.  We were just south of Louisville on Interstate 65 which is a well maintained road. However, Interstate 65 in Indiana was atrocious with huge pot holes, missing pavement and stop and go traffic.  The traffic started to flow again just passed Louisville and we were travelling in the middle lane at 70 MPH surrounded by semi trucks.   After we lost the towed we had to drive the motorhome up to the next exit then back about 12 miles   When we got to the sight, our fiat, which is well under the recommended weight for our RV,  was hanging out in traffic by about a foot.  Kentucky State Police were at our car, and a tow truck driver pulled up shortly after.   The officer did not issue an accident report as this was considered a “loss of load”.   We realize we were super fortunate nobody was hurt and we will never know which truck drivers called in the mishap and were quick to avoid the car.  Thank you. The insurance company messed around for four weeks first declaring the car fixable then totaled it.  This entire incident has been very costly for us as well as aggravating trying to get a fair shake from insurance. 

The receiver was welded on to the Fleetwood when we purchased it.   My question to you is “what could we have done to prevent this if it was preventable?”  The establishment welding on a new receiver for us said they have seen this before but rarely.  The officer had never seen it before.  I can send pictures.  Should these welds be inspected every so often?  My husband, who does know a thing or two about welding, believes the initial installation was not done properly. However, he could not see the weld as it was under the receiver.  What type of safety measures do RV manufacturers take to insure the welds are done right?  Please publish as a warning to others. 

Thank you

Sherry Zampino


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