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MorRyde SRE 4000 issues

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I am the second owner of a 2019 Cardinal 3456 RLX (40' 5th wheel) that had the original MorRyde CRE 3000 equalizers replaced/upgraded to the MorRyde SRE 4000 equalizers by the original owner.  These SRE 4000 equalizers (double axle, 33" wheel base on my 5er) appear to be in the starting stages of the vulcanized rubber shock/dampeners failing.  Upon my further research of a handful of owners forums on the internet, the SRE 4000 is known to have these failure issues with the vulcanized rubber component deteriorating and giving way.  Now MorRyde is phasing out the SRE 4000 and has a new product called the AllTrek 4000 (beefier/larger version of tried and true CRE 3000 design)....which is the "new" placeholder/product for the faulty and failure prone SRE 4000.  Since the AllTrek 4000 is so new there is not much in the way of user reviews.  I would like to know (or have confirmed) that MorRyde is knowingly/deliberately phasing out the SRE 4000 equalizers due to warranty claims and premature failure issues.  Since I am the second owner of my 2019 fifth wheel, the 3yr warranty (1yr parts+labor, 2 additional yrs parts only) on the SRE 4000's does not carry over to me.  This product quality issue seems like a major safety issue that MorRyde should offer to replace/upgrade my SRE 4000's with a pair of AllTrek 4000's.  I have already purchased the AllTrek 4000's from MorRyde (via Tweety's RV).  I suspect MorRyde has knowingly phased the SRE 4000 out due to a high percentage of warranty claims and product failure issues.  This seems to be a huge safety concern, and MorRyde should be willing to correct the issue and replace with the "better and safer" replacement AllTrek 4000 product being marketed now as the new highest grade trailer equalizer in the MorRyde product lineup.  Please look in to my thought of this product phase out as being a major safety issue and moving away from marketing defective products.



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