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Question Norcold N10DCX drains battery

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Hi Dave,  We have a 2022 Cougar 24RDS Fifth Wheel we purchased in August 2022.  It appears that we have a battery drain from our DC only fridge, a Norcold N10DCX.  We are seasoned campers, about 50 years.  Yes, I attended your seminars at a recent RV show.  Great!

I am in the process of upgrading our off grid power system to have 2 Battleborn 100 Ah batteries to go with our Solarflex 200 system.  I will also supplement solar with a 100 Amp folding solar panel with a 20 ft extension cable to follow the sun.  I also recently upgraded to a WFCO9855 AD 12v converter and a MPPT 100/30 Solar controller.   I reached out to Keystone concerning our many related power issues.  Here is what they said 

"Another thing, you also have a 12V refrigerator.  Essentially the 12V refrigerator uses about as much energy as a single 200W panel can produce on a good day, so the solar only sustains the battery rather than filling the battery.  For a 12V Refrigerator boon-docking you will likely need a 2nd 200W solar panel along with at least 200 Amp-Hour battery bank. Another suggestion, It would also be wise to upgrade the charge controller to the 30A Victron when the 2nd solar panel is installed.  I would also recommend a portable Zamp panel or 2 that can be plugged into the solar side port.

Please make sure the charge controller settings are updated for a lithium battery, the battery disconnect should be turned OFF when the trailer is not in use as the 12V refrigerator will continue to drain the battery at night."

Finally!  My Questions: 1. Does the DC only Fridge really draw power when totally off? 2. Any other suggestions for boondocking?



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