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 Laura Sussman
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I am looking to supplement my house batteries with a portable solar charger. However all of the ones I've looked at seemed to have to be connected to my batteries. Are there any that I can plug to my rig, like shore power?  My batteries are under my stairs and it would not be practical to wire the charger and still use my stairs. 

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I don't know of any that would plug into your shoreline cord as the power coming from the solar charge controler would be 12-volt and your shoreline is 120-volt going to the distribution center. The distribution center has a converter/charger that charges your batteries. I would recommend getting a portable solar panel system and hard wire a connection from the batteries to the side of your rig for easy connection? Here is one that Zamp Solar offers and many RV manufacturers are installing standard. You can find it on their site here:

ZS SolarPort NoBG 1800x1800



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