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In the last few months I have had an RV service center, which on the internet had very good ratings, install two 206ah lithium batteries, a 3000W inverter, a lithium compatible converter, and a DC-DC charger in my Sprinter based motor home. The cost to me for the labor alone was over $2000. I am not at all sure this place installed these correctly. I had them install my DC-DC charger with a switch so I could shut off charging. When I shut off the DC-DC charger, according to the blue tooth in each of the batteries, they are still being charged at a reduced rate of about 50%. The only thing running at the time is the engine. Additionally I had a battery monitor with shunt installed. Although it does show the voltage being used it does not a show a reduction of the amount of battery power remaining in the batteries when used. Also when I switch on the battery power for the coach after the engine is off and before any pedestal power is connected, I have to start the engine then the battery power will turn on. In other words, the relay does not work until after the engine is started. I have taken my motor-home to this dealer twice but still have the above problems. The real question is how can I find a RV electrician that can look at the wiring and the way it was installed to be sure it is right everything is installed properly? Thanks.


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