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Need suggestions for tool kit for small RV


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Dave I previously ask about tools. My problem is I have a Casita travel trailer and there not a lot of room to store everything. What would you suggest for a tool kit for this type of trailer.

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Since you have limited storage space, I would start by identifying what wrenches and sockets would be needed. I would not carry a full set of both SAE and Metric, rather just the ones the manufacturer used. A couple of good phillips and straight screwdrivers, plyers, needle nose, and c-channels. Infrared thermometer, multimeter, and plug in LED plug in LED tester. Probably also have an LP leak tester as well. This will get you started, then you can add as you need and find room.

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I would add a tire inflator even a small hand tool with rechargeable battery. The list can grow quickly when you think about changing to a spare like a bottle jack and lug wrench. 

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What has worked for me is a multi tool that also has the ability to drive a socket. This is one choice but there are many depending on what else you're bringing. 

You might also verify that the jack and lug wrench of your tow vehicle will work on your Casita. If so, then you're set. If not here is a great kit. 

I bring a Ryobi electric drill and tire inflator with me since they both use the same battery. The drill is for the stabilizer jacks, the inflator is because you should always check your tires before you leave the campground. 

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