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The older oliver gets he seems to dislike traveling as much. What can we do or give him (naturally if possible ) to calm him.


I have a second question,  why does he want to eat grass

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Hi Diane,

There are several reasons Oliver might be less inclined to travel: arthritis is tops on my lists of issues.  The movement and bounces may be hurting him more now than when he was young. He might also be in pain from dental issues.

If you haven't already, have Oliver get a senior check-up at the vet and ask specifically about arthritis and dental health. I have seen cats transformed when all the problem teeth are extracted and they are out of pain. There are treatments and supplements that can help the arthritis. Salmon Oil (make sure it is wild-caught salmon oil because it has more of the good stuff in it) Glucosamine/Chondroitin. Also there are injections, that you can give at home with some simple training, of a drug called Adequan that is very effective. Please ask your vet about this (prescription).

As far as calming supplements:  Feliway plug-ins are standard in my RV. These are pheromones that calm your kitty. There are many over the counter calming supplements: Rescue Remedy, Zylkene and ProPlan Calming Care can be purchased on-line and I have used these products.

And finally, a drug called Gabapentin is very effective at reducing anxiety in cats. It is also used for pain so you get double effectiveness if Oliver is arthritic. This is a prescription you can get from your vet. It is not an expensive drug and comes in capsules so it can be mixed in food. You can also get it compounded in tasty chews.

I hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, please post.

Dr. Karel



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