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Dog Symptoms Multiple issues

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Our 13 year old Cairn Terrier suddenly developed sensitivities in hind quarters. He has become extremely listless over the past 2 months. We moved to a new RV park with gravel roads and sites. I initially thought maybe feet are stone bruised - and I did dig out sharp gravel bound up between his toes. However, he also exhibits sensitivity to being picked up and frequently cries before being touched. Subsequent touch of same area produces NO pain indications. This began approx. 1 month into our stay and immediately after a grooming session (bath and brush). Prior to this his was a quite active and chipper. We are confused full timers.

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This is disturbing. That it happened after his groom may be coincidental, or not.  At 13 years, there are quite a few things we must consider.  Has he has his senior exam recently?  Arthritis, aggravated by the groom, is a possibility. Also possible is an injury, such as a cruciate ligament tear, was also worsened. Is he limping? Any particular limb? Ribs?

The other things we must consider are things not related to the groom per se; systemic illness such as heart disease, cancer and gastrointestinal issues are scary and disturbing to think about but at Oliver's age, we have to consider that it may be a cause.

If you haven't done a full senior check-up - with blood tests and x-rays - I would book it soon as you can. Make sure to ask about checking his heart health, joint health, and dental health. It is amazing how much pain bad teeth can produce causing general malaise. 

I hope this helps. Please post if you have any additional questions and photos are always appreciated 😀 


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