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My dog has had this for weeks now. We took her to two vets. Neither know exactly what this is. She was on antibiotic and a steroid that didn’t help. She is now on antihistamine for the 3rd full day and it doesn’t seem to be helping. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! 


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Oh, that looks uncomfortable. Is she itchy?  How long was she on the steroid? (what steroid?). How long has this been going on? Has she had it before? (If so is it seasonal) How old is your dog?


1. Do you use any topical products on her? Shampoo? Laundry detergents that you wash her bed with - have you changed it recently?

2. Do you use hand cream that transfers to her?

3. Do you use any kind of aerosols in your house/RV? Essential oils? Cleaning products can be culprits in animals close to the floor. Try cleaning with white vinegar.

4. Have you tried a limited ingredient diet (min 3 months with no cheating)? Food allergies are not uncommon and can manifest in weird ways.

If it is allergenic, steroids and/or the antihistamine should help but it might take awhile. Are you using steroid eyedrops or pills?

I suggest getting a referral to a board certified dermatologist to do further diagnostics. There are allergy tests that can help pinpoint if she is wildly allergic to something in the environment (pine pollen?) and there are therapies that can be effective.

But the first thing to do is be a detective in your environment/diet and to try and eliminate things that could be causing this. Cleaning products, shampoos, creams, soaps you use then pet the dog, all could be the culprit. I had a cat patient once with horrible skin allergies and we did diet trials and medications. Owner did everything and it turned out it was the Murphy's Oil soap she used to clean her hardwood floors with!!  Cat cleared up beautifully until she made the mistake of using the Murphy's oil again. Problem solved. Try to eliminate things that she comes into contact with - think of when this started and if you made any changes to her diet, your cleaning products, your perfume???

I do hope you can get to the bottom of this and she gets better.  Unfortunately, you may need vet visits to do that. Also unfortunately, lymphoma (a cancer) can present with symptoms like hers but really it's more likely she is allergic to something. If you don't get answers from one vet go to another and I suggest a dermatologist.

I hope she feels better.

Dr. Karel



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