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Bill D. From southern California,   I am in my mid 60s, grew up in Pennsylvania and have been camping since I was a baby.  My parents were advid campers and taught me a great appreciation for the outdoors.  As for only over 50s owning RVs, I can't imagine the lost learning experiences had I not traveled when young throughout this beatiful land.  We want the younger Americans to know and appreciate what we have so they will understand the need to care for it. Yes, the dynamic of camping has changed considerably.  It wasn't that long ago you could load up the RV and head out without reservations and find space in a campground.  I believe once the pandemic settles down, you will find there are campers that will continue to enjoy the great outdoors and there will be those that are done with camping and want their vacations at full service resorts with chocolates on the pillows of the turned-down bed;  hence, there will be opening up of camping sites.  During these difficult times we, being retired, have the luxury of camping during the week, leaving the weekends to the families who work and only have that time to share the outdoors with the family. Before we point the proverbial finger at any age bracket of who should or should not be allow to camp, I would like to see results of a survey to determine how many camping sites throughout the country have become permanent residents spots, which is all age brackets nowadays.  We may find this has created a greater loss of available reservation sites than any age group.


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