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Need more camping spots

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I am a Florida resident who is also a senior and disable and my son is active military. We decided to buy a rv and enjoy camping. My son is about to retire from the military as well. He has 4 more years. Every time we go camping it is hard to get a straight week or 2 weeks cause the snow birds take over..what about the people who live here and pay tax they should be considered first. Then you got the party people who  are Friday night and Saturday night. So you don't get any weekend sights. They stop up the toilets, scream and act crazy . Then when I do find a camp sight I have to keep going to the sight every 30 minutes and I get lucky..So I find where someone canceled and I book it..I go camping and see sight that show they are rented but the whe 8 days I am camping not one camper comes to the sight. People rent them and hold them JUST IN CASE THEY GET A CHANGE IS THEIR LIFE AND THEY CAN GO CAMPING. A camping sight held up. The camp owners need to make changes.

1.have just senior sides 

2. Have area for weekends only

3. Stop the snow birds or make parks just for them..We pay to live her all year round but snowbirds gets the camp ground and we can't camp

4. If someone reserves a site and they are not there the 1st night then they should loose the whole reserve time..I KNOW THINGS HAPPEN SO THEY NEED PAPER PROOF AS TO WHY THEY DID NOT MAKE IT TO KEEP THE SIGHT.

5. allow senior to have more camping choices...please campsite get control. We have no place to camp anymore



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